Decisions- They Make or Break Us

May 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Right there. Did you feel that? That was the decision to start reading this paper. Everyday we make decisions whether we realize this or not. Everything from small, mundane tasks, like which steps to take and which way to turn, to important tasks that will change our lives forever, such as which college to go to.

Have you ever made a decision that you regret? Of course. Everyone has. S**t happens. Let me tell you about this one time I made a decision that I’m not too proud of and it came back to haunt me.

It was the last spring break and I was on vacation down in Florida. The weather was extremely nice and I was enjoying myself highly. I knew my friend from school was staying somewhere by me but I figured it’s be a while to drive to him so it wouldn’t be worth visiting. Until, by accident, I ran into him one day. By pure luck, it turns out, he was staying only a 5 minute walk away, just a couple blocks from our house. Well he and some other families had rented a house in the area.

So over the next few days we started meeting everyday and hanging out. We were having a lot of fun during the day, you know, sailing, Frisbee, volleyball, going for bike rides, and all the other fun stuff people do on vacations. But during the night we would all go home and be stuck indoors with our parents. And which would you rather hang out with? Mom and Dad or one of your best friends?

Anyway, my best friend Jake came up with the idea that we should all meet up at the beach and have a midnight picnic. So he calls me tells me we need to get some thing together. He tells me to bring the sandwiches, a radio, some beach blankets, and he’ll bring the bonfire material and we’ll be set. So it was us two plus two other kids our age and we just relaxed by ourselves for the night.

Just imagine a beach to ourselves, a full stomach, and a dying fire. To top that off it was a clear night and you could see every star in the sky. What could be better? I swear I wouldn’t mind living like that for the rest of my life. So after the first night no one could stand putting up with their parents again so we went back out on the beach again. Well while we were out all the kids stuck with their parents realized we were missing and wanted in. So for the third night on the beach we brought a few more people. Well at this point it turned from rest and relaxation to somewhat of a party.

So our fourth night hanging out together everyone knew what we were up to. And we brought the rest of the kids along with us. Except for one. I won’t say his name for his sake but no one liked this kid. He was a real jerk and had the worst personality ever. So as the last few people were leaving for the beach he finally figured out we were all ditching him. He stalked one Jake, and Jake not knowing what to do, ran from him. So we were talking about how weird it was that he followed us, when he came up to us.

All he said was, “you’re mean!”
And then he ran off.

Well turns out he told all the parents on us and we were all stuck inside again for the last night of spring break. It sucked! A lot! Anyways we all ended up in trouble. So looking back now we realize we should have just invited him. He would have been happy and, in the end, so would we. To that day we haven’t left anyone out because we know Karma will come back around to bite you in the butt.

The author's comments:
Narrative essay for english class; suppose to tell a story about decision making. Must submit. Focusing on three writing sytles: Talking to the reader, profanities, short sentences.

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