May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

When someone looks at all the members of my family, they notice one thing; our eyes. My mother, my father, my brother, my sister, and me; we all have eyes of the ocean shores. What people don’t see is the personality struggling to reach out from behind the eye. Even though our eyes all look similar, they’re different if you look deeper.

In my father’s eyes you see stress and frustration. My father is the rock buried beneath the ground; hiding from the problems and his true emotions. In my mother’s eyes you see love and compassion, along with stress. My mother is like a rose planted in a pot. She’s caring, beautiful, and compassionate; but hidden beneath her are the thorns trying to express the feelings of frustration and fear, trying to be free. My mother’s eyes hold the story of the past and the fear of the present. The most difficult eyes to read are my brother’s. Some days they show a caring and sensitive side of him, and some days it shows an angry, frustrated, and confused side. My brother’s eyes are confusing. I believe that they are still trying to figure out who he is inside.

But my sister’s eyes, my sister’s eyes, like shining stars, they share many stories and show great emotion. When you look into my sister’s eyes, you will see the wild, fun, and exciting side of her when she was my age, and now you see the scared, frustrated, and excited side of her. My sister’s eyes hold enough memories to write a book. My sister is like the moon, big, bright, and guides me through my life. She is like the moon, her eyes are like the stars.

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