Smash Talk

May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Smash Talk
Have you ever got into an argument with someone knowing you were right but ended up looking like a jackass? It’s probably because you got trashy with your choice of words rather than staying classy. Or it could’ve been you didn’t validate your point. Whatever the cause of you looking like a moron after a heated argument with whom ever, next time, try to keep these simple steps in mind. Validate your point, stay classy never trashy, perspective is key, lastly do not give up. By using these easy tricks of the trade you can give someone a piece of mind without loosing your mind.

Though it may be hard to get a word in when you’re talking to someone who just doesn’t care to listen it is most important to get your point across. This should be the first step to talking period! Wouldn’t it seem pretty ridicules to converse with anyone without a point? Of course it would that’s why it’s important to first tell them what’s on your mind so they won’t feel the need to question you about it later.

When in an argument with anyone you never want to dumb yourself down by using bad language. It makes sense that if your using a bunch of naughty filler words then you must being lacking vocabulary. I understand that sometime you get so heated it’s easy to fly off the handle and drop and F bomb, but don’t.

This is probably the second most important point. Know that you’re a better person if you can see things from their perspective. Maybe if you take the time out to sympathize with whom ever you are bickering at you will realize that they also could have a valid point. After all why in the world would they want to be stuck arguing with you if they didn’t believe in what they were saying.

Do not give up! You might seem a bit stubborn by sticking to your point but who cares. The saddest thing you can do is give up. Keep in mind there is a difference between giving up, conforming, and walking away from the situation. When you conform you’ve not only lost sight of what you’re trying to say but now you also look like a dork for ever starting the argument. When you walk away from something then you are now the bigger person, good for you.

The author's comments:
I love to argue because I'm good at it. So now you can be too.

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