May 20, 2009
By Emily Minter BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
Emily Minter BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
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It was dusk when Morgan rode in on her prized chocolate brown horse. With her tow silver pistols on her hips she was ready to brawl. Meanwhile Kobe was in her room above the family saloon getting ready for the night ahead. Kobe had that same feeling that she has every time Morgan comes around. She grabbed her two hot pink pistols and headed for the door. “Here goes nothin’ “Kobe sighed. Morgan was watching the saloon closely for sign of Kobe, their business was unfinished and she was itchin’ for sweet revenge. It had been a few years since Kobe had stole Andrew from Morgan but Morgan hadn’t forgotten. Morgan loved him, the kind of love that makes you blind to messin around. When he always came home late or went to get a beer at 1:30 in the morning she thought nothing of it. So when one day he came home and told her he found someone else it hit her like a freight train. The anger she felt for the past year has done nothing but drive her insane. She wanted nothing more but to make her pay and that’s what she was here to do. Kobe finally walked out of the saloon to face Morgan. “Wow she really let herself go” thought Kobe. “Hey there you nasty little Homewrecker” spat Morgan. “I’m here to give you what you deserve”. “Well if you wanna brawl we can but you ain’t getting what you want, cause we all know at the end of the day Andrews with me” Kobe shouted. They pulled their guns and shots were fired. Morgan fell of her horse and screamed “I’m hit, I’m hit!” “Well that should be the end of this” said Kobe as she walked inside to get ready for her big date.

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