My horrible day

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you think there will be a day in your life that you will be mad at your mom? One day, when I was 6 years old, my mom, my brother and I went to Wal-Mart and I wanted to buy a Barbie doll, but my mom, instead, bought my brother a toy and I didn’t get anything. I felt left out and that I was getting less attention than my brother. I wish now that this would all be different.

I went to the store with the same people and the same thing happened. I got mad and we went home. When we got to the front of the house, I ran inside. My dad was right there I told him,

“ Dad! My mom doesn’t want to buy me the Barbie doll.”

“Why?” he said.

“ She bought my brother something and didn’t buy me anything!” I replied.

“I will tell her to buy it for you!” he responds.

“Okay dad thanks I love you!” I respond.

My dad told my mom you need to be equal with the 2 of us because if you don’t they’re going to grow up like that.

My mom came to my room and she called me “ mija.” Then I just turned around to see her and she told me.

“ Put your shoes on.”

“ Why?” I respond.

“ I’m going to buy you the Barbie doll!” she replied.

“ Okay I love you!” I responded.

We were driving to the store and I saw the Barbie doll. I grabbed it and we walked to the cashier and we paid for it.

We went home and I was so happy that I started to play with it right away.

Now that my mom changed, I feel like I’m getting more attention. I learned that I did a good thing because if I didn’t, it will still keep happening. But the good thing is that my mom changed and she will never do that again.

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