Some People Think Gangs Are Cool Take a Stand and Show You're Not a Fool

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you know someone in a gang? Don’t you think that shooting a person over a color is kind of stupid? See this is how it is: If you live in an area that is supposedly a Crip territory you are considered a Crip and vise versa for the Bloods. People get shot just because they probably don’t know what territory they are in and they have on red or blue. Also people have to kill or wound people to join a gang. There is no getting out unless you move out of town. Now a day they have games, movies, and music that are influenced by gangs.

In the movie, “Blood is Thicker Than Water” there were two brothers one was a Crip and one was a Blood. They were trying to kill each other before they found out they were brothers. Isn't that crazy? And it was based on a true story. The games today are crazy too. There is this game called, “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas” that teaches you how to shoot people, rob people, steal stuff and it is also gang related too. The gangs are called the Ballers, Grove Street, and the Latino gang. Would you want to get influenced by a game like this? I don’t think so. Some music even has some gang related stuff in it. For example in Snoop Dogg’s song it says, “This is my gang n*** No Limit My n***a C will f*** you up in a minute.” You should already know what gang he represents: The Crips.

In my life, my brother is into gangs. He says he is a Crip. We try to tell him to get his act together but he just did not want to listen to us. My mom is stressed out and recently he just got in trouble for having a gun. This is his third time going to jail. He violated his parole and his probation officer pressed charges on him. Before he joined the Crips he was into boxing and he was going to school. Since then, he’s given up boxing and school, and he thinks that he can’t be touched. I hope that he gets out soon. But if you do the crime you do the time.

In conclusion, try to help anyone you know in a gang. Sit down and try to tell them what the consequences are for their actions. As you can see, many things around you are influenced by gang stuff, so you need to wake up and take a stand.

The author's comments:
I am an 8th grader whose inspiration came after reading, "Freedom Writers". I hope the reader can see my article and be able to wake up.

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