i never wanted to lose him but i did!

May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I never thought before that I could meet someone like him! His eyes were a chocolate brown; his hair was a luscious black. When I first saw him it was like looking into the eyes of a loved one, some one who would always be there for me. I was wrong though, he was only there for about six months then he left. I felt betrayed when he left, he was the one who was supposed to be there for me till the day I died, but he left. For the six months that we were friends he was always there, even when I just wanted him to go away. All of my memories of him are good but there is one that I will never forget!
Our friendship was the “open relationship” kind where we told each other everything that was on our minds, there were no secrets between him and I. With the no secrets deal came the you must say what’s on your mind deal. It was sometimes a good deal but at other time it wasn’t so good.
It was a Saturday afternoon and my family went to the park and I stayed home. While they were gone I had Ray-ray , the person who I thought would always be there for me, call me. I waited about twenty minutes after they left to have him call. When he called we talked about how different we are. For example im a vegetarian and he is a carnivore. I told him that I thought meat was repulsively disgusting, he just sat there and laughed at me for it. In a sweet and relaxed voice he said, “Then when you come to New York what are you going to eat?”
Ray-ray was a very weird guy but I loved him. Not because he was weird but because he was a very good friend. We had just gotten over a fight and we were in the making-up process of our relationship. It was soothing to me because it reassured me that he was no longer mad at me for what I had done. It’s like I said to an outsider our conversations would be considered wrong and perverted, but to us they were normal. Ray-ray was the type of guy who made sure that I was ok with our conversations before we had them, he didn’t want me to be uncomfortable around him. To everyone’s surprise I never was uncomfortable around him. I felt like I could tell him anything and everything.
Later on in our conversation that day we talked about what it was like where he lived. “The Bronx is an amazing place, it’s full of people though, it has tons of night clubs, but my favorite part of the Bronx is the sunset. But you know what would make it better?” he asked in a soft, playful voice. I answered with a no even though I already knew the answer it was me, but I wanted to hear it from him!
“you would make the Bronx a way better place to be during the sunset.” He replied in a romantic tone. Right when he was finished saying that my family pulled in the driveway, I had to get off the phone, I told him I had to go and hung up. My mom walked in and said that her and the rest of the family were going to go swimming at our friends house and that they would be back shortly.
I felt so bad for hanging up in the middle of a conversation so I ran over to my neighbors house, at the time we could only accept calls, and called ray-ray back. When I got home he called me and we talked for the whole time my mom was gone. We tried to keep our conversation clear but every once and a while we would stray away from our plan.
Having ray as a friend really opened my eyes. He showed me a whole new world, a world beyond my reality of life. It was the world I wanted, the world I needed. I had finally gotten it and he ripped it out from under me! I was hurt I was unable to recover. One thing is for sure I will never for get ray, that saying on MySpace is true “a true friend is hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.” He was a true friend!

The author's comments:
it really happened but it was a lot more detailed then that! i know its more of an essay but its still a story and it happened!

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