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April 28, 2009
By Alice Yeh BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
Alice Yeh BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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We are seventh period. We are seniors. We are every teacher’s worst nightmare. But this year, we are Mrs. R...’s tribulation. The class could be divided into two groups: those who never cared and those who no longer care. Yet, having survived an entire day’s worth of classes and exasperating students, what better way to end each day with an epic struggle against senioritis itself? However, despite the overwhelming apathy of the class, she continues to persevere, determined to ensure the highest success rate possible for the imminent AP exam. Moreover, in addition to her scheduled classes, if you were to peer into Room 158 on a Friday afternoon (or any afternoon, to tell the truth), you would find an endless list of student names scribbled onto the chalkboard, waiting for her to check their test corrections for a few additional points, and, hidden behind a mountainous pile of papers on her desk, Mrs. R... patiently reviewing each student’s question and mistake which probably would’ve been avoided if they had simply stayed awake in class.

According to Merriam-Webster, a teacher is defined as “one that teaches.” I personally found the definition unhelpful and thus continued my exploration for a definition that adequately defined a being such as this. Detailed by the Oxford English Dictionary, a teacher is “a person who teaches in a school” (please, note that helpful addition). Although that was an immense improvement, I was still slightly unsure of its adequacy. Was a teacher simply a statue that murmured from their powerpoints, textbooks, and worksheets? I couldn’t accept such a mediocre definition for someone like Mrs. R... Each student’s definition varies, from the epitome of oppression, suppression, and, no doubt, depression, to merely an obstacle to overcome. However, to me, teachers are the epitome of perseverance and philanthropy and I believe that definition fits Ms. R...’s occupation more adequately than any dictionary.

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