holding on

August 8, 2009
By xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
xxbakerbabyxx DIAMOND, Coatesville, Pennsylvania
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"life will only controll youh if youh let it"

nobody can take her away from the only thing that matters to her.

if she said she loved him she wasnt kidding like he was the first and second time around.

holding on...

to him, to words, to feelings, to time she wants never to play on or go away.

after everything, she still is not within his heart.

after everything, hes with someone different its not her and shes fighting the dark.

holding on...

to smiles,to memories,to everlasting conversation and confidense on end.

holding on is her new letting go. she doesnt have to deal with the pain of cutting the cord. and he doesnt have to deal with her at all.

holding on...

because i can, beacause its worth it, and because holding on is worth more than letting go.

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