Can I Ask You A Question?

August 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear Me,
I love you soooo much, but why are you soo confusing? You're a puzzle with missing pieces. One minute ago you were positive and now . . . you don't know. Are you that mysterious person Katy Perry speaks of in her song "Hot and Cold" ? I just can't quite put a finger on you. I don't know how to react to anything anymore.
Hey you, can I ask you just another question?
Why couldn't you tell Charlie that everytime he walks by your heart starts racing with time, 5 pumps and only 12 a second has gone by, and we have a winner! Your heart, that isn't actually yours cause it has Charlies name all over it. Why couldn't you tell him that the sparkle in his eyes put the stars to shame? I mean its obvious he feels the same way, you have nothing to lose except your reputation, oh yeah and you have a boyfriend that you have feelings for, that is until Charlie comes around. OHH yeah and didn't you date his friend a while back? Uhh yeah I think you did!
One more question. . . Just one more I promise (or not) Why did you lie to Kat about her hair when she asked if it looked nice and you had to look twice in the mirrors to make sure they didn't crack.
Why did you hold back your tears when your mom made it clear that you were a good for nothing? Why didn't you tell her that it hurt you, that more than anything in the world you want her to be proud?
Why do you put pride over everythng when you're always reiterating that quote.. wait what was it "Pride is a very cold companion"
Why didn't you tell your brother Josh that you loved him and that you were so proud of him when he went off to college?
Why can't you admit to yourself that it kills you watching how all of your friends and family walk out of your life? Why didn't you just cry and let it all out to alleviate the pain?
Why does it bother you when others compliment your intelligence? Is it cause you're always saying you aren't as smart as they think, when you actually are?
I swear this is the last of all questions, why are you so afraid to show who you are?
I would never wanna be you. . . too bad I am.

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