Lunch Box

August 9, 2009
When you think of a lunchbox, I know you don’t think for it being anywhere close to a school. But let’s think for a moment, you have your popular kids, the most desirable. They are the junk food or candy. People want them more than any other food. Then you have the sandwich, the desirable but not the most favorite. That is almost like the jocks or the punks. Then you have the least desirable, the apple. Or you can call it the nerds. We also have the juice, or milk, the smarty pants. We never take a bite out of that apple, and eventually it rots to its core. Loses self- esteem we tell this apple that it has nothing good to offer us. And eventually it rots even more. Same with the milk, it spoils. Only for the reason that we tell it is not good enough for our standards. If we think of these items as people, we are telling these people they are not good enough for us. And eventually, they wither away, and you have nothing left to say.

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