my friend and her opinion

July 29, 2009
By Anonymous

one night, at cheer camp, me and my friend (jess) are talking. we get talking about marriages and relantionships. she says that she doesnt believe in marriage just because it is two rings and a signed piece of paper. jess says that love is love and getting married can be just a hassle and kind of a waste of money. if you really love someone, a signed paper shouldn't be keeping you together.
i, on the other hand, have dreamed of my wedding day since i was like four. walking down the aisle arm in arm with my dad. walking back up the aisle with my new husband. the pretty flowers. my long, white princess dress. strapless and flowing.
though i do agree with jess in a way, i love the thought of a big wedding.
i like the way jess thinks because its different. she doesn't follow anyone, she follows her heart.

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