July 28, 2009
By Amy Gonzales BRONZE, Monterey Park, California
Amy Gonzales BRONZE, Monterey Park, California
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My heart felt like it was going to explode. It felt like I had been staring at him, waiting for a response, for hours..
It couldn't have been any longer than thirty seconds.
I mean, how long could it take a person to read something?
The note only had a few words on it:
"Hey, I like you. ....I just thought you should know. <3

It was quiet. He didn't look up at me. And finally the silence was absolutely unbareable.
"Say something," I said.
"This is cute," he said as he finally looked up.
His eyes barely met mine.
'This is cute?,' I thought to myself. What the heck did that mean?
The bell rang loudly.

And even though the bell rings at the same time everyday, it still managed to make me jump.
I looked at him hoping that something else would come out of his oh-so-beautiful lips.
"Okay, Bye Amy. Have a good weekend!"
"Yeah... you too. Don't Study too hard," I replied half-heartedly.
Finals were next week. Gross.
I got up and walked away without looking back.

Why couldn't he have swept me off me feet with some romantic gesture?
Or at least said something other than "This is cute."
Did he realize how much courage I had to work up to even give him that note?!He seemed like he didn't know what to say.

Brandon was a nice guy.
He had been sitting next to me in my Spanish for months now.. & I had fallen head over heals for him.

Let me tell you a little bit about Brandon. First off, he was smart. He was one of those kids that I probably would've hated back in elementry school, you know the ones who Aced every test.
Don't get me wrong, I was smart too. Actually, I was a lot smarter than everyone thought I was.
I didn't put as much effort into school as Brandon did though.
I don't know if his parents pressured him to get straight A's or if he truely wanted to try so hard all the time. School was defenitely important to him though, and everyone knew that.

Brandon was in the school band.
(Yes, I fell for a band geek.)
But, he was more than that.
He was funny, and probably one of the nicest guys in the school.

He was always apologizing for little things that didn't need "I'm sorrys".
He was cute too.

I used to play this game in was kind of silly and childish, actually... but I didn't care. I used to stare at his eyes until he was forced to stare at mine too.

He was much better at the game than I was. You see, once his gaze met mine I would start the timer in my head and see how long I could stare into his eyes without looking away.
Nine seconds was my record.

The bright look in his eyes along with his beautiful smile never failed to make my cheeks blush and my gaze fall to the floor.
'How does he do that?' I used to wonder to myself.
It was amazing. He seemed to be able to stare at my eyes and smile forever.
Nothing phased him.

Walking out the door, I resisted the urge to let my head fall back and throw my hands up in the air in complete and utter failure. Instead, I calmed myself down, going over all of the possibile meanings of the word 'cute' in my head.

The author's comments:
For anyone who's ever had a high school crush. Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind of in your heart. We only live one, so make the best of it.

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