Visions of Insight

July 27, 2009
By XCallDownFire SILVER, San Jose, California
XCallDownFire SILVER, San Jose, California
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It was a typical California day, the sun was shining and the scent of a fresh ocean breeze radiated from the coast. As I began my way down the road I encountered a slender young man on a nearby bench. Words were not enough to grab his attention so I recklessly followed him hoping to find any signs of life. After what seemed like a lifetime I was brought to a somewhat familiar house. Trespassing was definitely out of the question but something beckoned me inside that house and I just couldn’t say no. The front door was left open so I made my way into the house . An eerie sense of Déjà vu trickled up my spine the second I entered, I knew then something was not right . My attempt to leave was foiled with the slamming of the door which then queued the yelling. Ears ringing, I began to panic and began my search for a way out but somehow came across the boy from earlier weeping in a room. He fell to his knees and threw his hands up and began to pray to the heavens to get rid of this pain and suffering. A pill soon dropped from the sky and fell on the floor before the boy. A suited man then followed and told the boy he had to make a choice and with haste. He could either deal with all his problems and go on feeling depressed or he could take the pill and never feel any of those emotions again and live life in happiness. The boy didn’t even think twice, within seconds he grabbed the pill and had gulped it down. I knew at that moment what had begun, he might now have known it but by taking that pill he was killing himself. I sat down in frustration and watched time pass with the boy growing older and older. Conflicts of his life began to play in front of me and to my surprise every bit of hate and anger I saw disappeared within seconds. The floor soon dropped before me and I found myself in a new room with a blurred vision. An argument soon started and I could only sit and listen, the things said to that boy would make any grown man cry. I regained my vision the second the unfamiliar figure left the room and only say a young man smiling. Even though he didn’t show a lot of emotions I could see them all around me. The room soon became thick with smoke, the assortment of colors picked me up and swallowed me whole. The colors began to build under me and it was as if I was flying through the air. Everything seemed fine until a thick black smoke started to fill the room. I sat in the darkness and waited for things to clear but nothing seemed to change. My head cracked against what seemed like a tunnel on my attempt to get up so I began to crawl. The air seemed to be clear as I found my way back into the room. I looked around to see something that made me totally freak, the black smoke didn’t leave it was entering the young man. The pill inside him was growing weak and was starting to break down faster and faster. He reached into his drawer and pulled out a syringe and stuck it in his arm. The last of the smoke entered his mouth and quickly began to rush the pill. The second he pushed in on that needle was a second to late. All of these things that he kept inside were now back with a full force. To me all of this seemed overwhelming, that little boy inside him was once free but when he took that pill he became trapped. Now that little boy is lost and never again will he be found. With a blink of the eye I was in hospital room next to an old man on his deathbed. A movie began to play on the wall in front of him and the old man became frantic. His life was being played in front of him and I could tell he wished things would have gone differently. That same suited character appeared in the middle of the room and asked the same question from all of those years ago. For the first time the old man looked at me and I understood who he was. The old man reached over and picked up that oh so familiar pill and threw it across the room. The suited man stepped back and gave a quick smile then vanished. A massive hand then came crushing through the ceiling and moved close to the old man and picked him up. Tears rushed down my face as I waved goodbye to the old man as he began his new life. Its weird to think that that little boy I first saw was no stranger but me.

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