March 31, 2009
By Anonymous

I was never one to have any issues with trust. I was always the one to open
easily to people; to assume they cared for me.
The sun was glistening off of boys and girls playing basketball on the
streets of town. Gus Macker was my excuse to enjoy the sun, laugh with my
friends, and watch some good ol' ball.
My friends and I made plans to escape the heat and grab some ice-cream. The
newest member of our group, a strawberry blonde boy, said he had to go to his
house to charge his phone and asked if I wanted to tag along. I decided it
couldn't hurt, we were only going to drop off his phone and come back.
As we arrived to his house he brushed the edge of his fingertips down my back
and said I had to be quiet because "his grandmother was downstairs." I didn't
realize what a pathetic lie this was at the time.
We got upstairs and he plugged his phone into the charger. "We might as well
stay, it will only be a couple minutes." I told him I would just go back to meet
up with everyone but he convinced me to stay and watch some tv while we waited.
I was about to plop down on the couch, but he put some pillows on the floor and
said it would be "more comfortable."
We laid awkwardly on the floor while I was trying to resist touching him.
Something just didn't seem right, I thought. As if he heard my thought, he
turned off the tv and everything went into a blur.
Everything happened all at once. He was suddenly on top of me; kissing me,
starting from my neck down to my stomach. I didn't want this to happen, so I
politely said stop. He acted as if he didn't hear me, so I tried sitting up.
He never looked as strong as he really was. His veins in his arms were
exploding out, holding my body down with force. I belted out what I wanted to
be a scream, but it only came out as a weak whimper. I forced my body to move,
but it wouldn't budge. Never had I felt so helpless. I couldn't do anything to
help myself, but my body was in too much shock to react.
I opened my eyes to see him on top of me, with a
sickening smile across his face. How can he be amused by my pain? Was this
entertaining to him?
My phone went off then, and I was grateful to see my friends' name on the
screen. I answered, my voice cackly. "I'm almost there, wait for me by the
He got off me then, and threw my shoes at me. We went outside to his care,
and he dropped me off, shoving me out the door.
I saw my destination, the one I was praying for. She sat there smiling,
waiting for me to join her to get ice cream. The stinging of my eyes hurt too
much, and tears started streaming out. She asked what happened and I blurted it
We then walked to her house so I could change into some of her clothes,
planning on telling her mom about my painful story. The story of how I "tripped
and fell."

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