March 28, 2009
By Anonymous

The light in the basement was hazy as I led Mitch down the stairs, I was careful not to let go of his hand, he was silent. Expectation built up in my stomach as we reached the last step, I turned around to face him, he smiled, I blushed. He pulled us over to the un-used couch under a cover in the corner, I was suddenly shy, all my bravado from five minutes ago wore off, I looked at him as he pulled the cover off and sat down, never releasing his grip on me.
“ Come on B.” he whispered, he let go of my hand and reached for my waist, his gentle hands on my back caused me to succumb to him, I fell forwards on to his lap, he wrapped my legs around his waist and reached up to my face, he pulled away a single strand of hair, stroking my burning cheek. He caressed my collar bone, I melted like butter into his arms, his mouth was on mine in the next instant, his arms suddenly hard on my back almost forceful, I wasn’t used to this sort of intimacy so I let him take over.
And then his hand moved to the top button of my blouse….

I turned to face Joe, he looked at my with the saddest most forgiving eyes I had ever seen.
“ I’m sorry.” He whispered.
“ Yeah, Like I’ll believe that.” I whispered back, venomously.
“ But I am.” He complained.
“ You know what?” I shouted, “ I hate you.” I turned my back on him and walked away, holding my head high. Before I turned the corner I sneaked a look back at him, his mouth still hang open, still staring at the spot I had been standing on. I hurried to the bus stop, I hated him, what he had done, and especially how he had made me look. I hated being embarrassed but really did anyone?
I got onto the bus and took a seat at the back away from the nosy old women and the mothers who seemed distracted with their kids but really were just as bad as the old ladies. I let my guard down, a tear slipped from my eye as the bus pulled away….

Mauve :
I sometimes stop and take in my surroundings, take in the natural beauty of nature, the un-noticeable touches that make our world what it is, today was one of those days, I took a deep breath, the grass on my feet was cold and wet, the dew ran down the stems and landed right on my feet. I stepped forward into the ice-cold water, the clear cold stream was as unwelcoming as a desert with no shade at all, I could tell that as soon as I stepped in I would jump back, but this time I was determined. I wasn’t trying to kill myself, I just wanted something out of the ordinary, abnormal. Just like me….

The author's comments:
This is just something that i wrote in my spare time hope you like it x read it listening to a piece called first love by yiruma because thats what i wrote it to so it might have a better effect

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