March 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever been beaten, seen horrid things or been treated so badly that you thought you were going to die or be hunted by it for ever. Even though the Jogobys said that they forgive the Germens they still continue to be fearful of them. I think people can work towards tolerance, but it will never be a reality because of bulling and the holocaust and genocide.

When I went to the museum of tolerance I saw a video about bulling. They were messing with a girl because she didn’t act like them and because she was different. I personally have messed with someone because he is weird but that does not make it ok, that is why tolerance will never be a reality.

During school we had an assembly and the teachers said are holocaust survivors. I thought cool, they saw people die, but the way they talked, it sounded like total fear. The Germans came to Mrs. Jogobis house and took the babies and threw them against the walls. Now does that sound like there is tolerance in the world.

From the field trip to the Museum of Tolerance, I learned that the Germans tried to exterminate a whole race. They killed millions of Jews, because they thought it was there fault that they started a war and because of their religious beliefs. Do you think tolerance ids a reality, well I don’t.

I think people can work towards tolerance, but it will never be reality because of the bulling, the holocaust and genocide. People are people, they are all different, and that is why we will never have tolerance. I think even if there is no tolerance in the world, people should try to be tolerant.

The author's comments:
Is there tolerance in the? This is what i think about tolerance.

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