Defiance at 80

July 26, 2009
By Sarah Wilkinson SILVER, Kensington, Connecticut
Sarah Wilkinson SILVER, Kensington, Connecticut
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The man sauntered stubbornly with a cane clenched in his left palm. His olive green pants looked new and a starch white polo rested on his chest. A blue and red baseball cap shielded the sun from his aged eyes. At a first glance, this elderly man looked like any other but in a closer examination, he represented all of those brushed aside because of time.

Each strained step he took was small and short but determined. Nothing was needed except for the clothes on his back and the swagger in his walk. No one was going to hold him back. Taking a walk down the street may not seem like anything spectacular but for him, the ability to move made him a free man—free from having to be guided, free from being someone else’s burden.


Today there was not a cloud in the sky as he made his way down the

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