July 25, 2009
By Anonymous

A little girl age seven, sitting on the couch, her parents telling her that their geting a devorce...

Thats how it happened for me...
It was a few weehs after christmas... The buzz of the gifts and family fun was dieing down... I was frozen stiff, I couldent believe it... How could a family so happy and perfect just brake apart that fast?
A few months later the devorce was final... I now had two homes, two lifes, two parents, two completely difrent familys, two everything... My heart devided into three peaces... One to mom, one to dad, and one completely lost.
Years past, one after another. Nothing new, until we decided to send me to private school. Thare I found three new amazing friends, those friends pulled me out of that deep darkness that I was suffering in... and helped me fiend not only God but also that long lost piece of my heart that I thought was lost forever.
So, through it all I learned something... I learned that you should never give up, and that if you turn your back on life and fun you'll never truly understand the mericals that God brings us every day...

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