Ben Franklin

July 24, 2009
"Distrust and caution are the parents of security.”

If you trust someone, let your guard down, take the risk, you are applauded. You have courage. You are strong, you are brave, you are daring, you are confident. Or that's what they tell you. When you trust someone, let your guard down, you leave yourself totally vulnerable to attack, and sometimes you get caught up in the feelings and emotions rather than the rationale. That's always been my personal problem anyways. If you distrust people and move with a lot of caution, rather than taking chances and risks, you are guaranteed security. You may not be admired, you may not feel "alive", but you'll be safe. No risk of hurt.

I care too much. Far too much and far too easily. I fall for the stupidest things from people I barely know. I see someone, I understand them, I feel for them. I sympathize, I empathize. I tend to want to fix broken people, broken souls, and I sometimes am so disillusioned that I truly believe I can do it. Then something harsh takes me out of that trance...I suppose I should thank God for those f***ing little wake-up calls. But sometimes, you know, I just wish he'd let me keep dreaming.

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kiwi12 said...
Aug. 12, 2009 at 8:58 pm
Understanding. Something that a lot can relate to. Good job in putting this piece together.
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