I am Tired

March 11, 2009
By Anonymous

I am tired of you strumming your warm pale hands throw my long blonde hair. I am tired of you
planting your beautiful addicting warm lips on mine every time you look into my blue eyes with your
loving adoring brown eyes. I am tired of falling victim to your romantic hugs every time you say
'I love you.' I am tired of being your marionette, and letting you make my decisions. I am tired
of letting you inappropriately touch me whenever you are in your 'boy mood.' I am tired of
letting you undress me without saying a word about it. I am tired of spending countless nights in
bed with you. Please, let me be my own girl. Sometimes you give me drugs and alcohol to seduce me
in your bed. It doesn't mean that since you are nineteen and I am four years younger you can get
me whatever you want out of me. I thought you loved me when you asked me out, but I guess I was
wrong. I am now heartbroken knowing that you only wanted to be with me for pleasure. I am now
walking my out sinless path, and I am now becoming my own girl. This shall be the end of our
heartless relationship. I thought I did love you, but I all I see now is your boy hormonal side. I
will pray for the next guy that you will be with, because I don't her to fall into deep sin.

The author's comments:
I dedicate this piece to all who needs help with sexual addiction, and anything else they need to get out of.

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