behind the mask

July 10, 2009
By lyric_love SILVER, Knightstown, Indiana
lyric_love SILVER, Knightstown, Indiana
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when you watch a scary movie you never really think about why the killer does what he does, but when you do really just think about why he does it, its a shocking reallity... we are all like the killer in the movie... everyone has a past and everyone has secrets that we dont wanna share with people, its just in the movies the killer is doing something about his or hers rage. i was watching a movie and the killer had a terible childhood, and was beaten and ridiculed but everyone, but noone thought he would grow up to be anything but the usual loser, but they were all wrong, he grew up and had so much anger and rage in him that he exploded and started killing anyone... so next time your watching a horror movie or see someone picking on a kid, take a step back and think whats behind the eyes of the person, because whether or not you realize it, we are all just like the killer, insecure, hurt, ridiculed, and scared, so dont be the one to make all of the hate in this world go on, be the one to stop it, because there is always a reason for some ones actions... yours and mine...=) <3<3<3<3

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