He can go to Hell.

March 23, 2009
By Anonymous

wow i starting to think you hate me.

you never call me and you just show up at my front door when you feel like it just expecting me to be sitting there just wiating for you. I HAVE A LIFE. im not going to waste it waiting and hoping for you to show up or call me. if you dont want to be in my life, FINE! you can at least be a man about it and not pretend that you want actually want and love me. I know the truth, you may think im stupid but im not! your the stupid one! you need to grow up and realize that people aren't living on your time. I sick and tired of waiting for you. im sick and tired of getting hurt by you. i dont need this. i want to be happy. but i cant, your holding me back. as soon as i think im fine and that everything will be okay you decide you want to come and destroy that. well not anymore. im taking control. i will tell you what i what and you will listen. i dont care if that means that you wont be on my list of family anymore, because i dont have any family, so why would it matter if theres one less person. that just means one less christmas to send out. goodbye and good riddance.

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