A Rough Night

March 18, 2009
By Anonymous

This all started out as a normal night. I got off work and went home. While I was just relaxing
and drinking some wine I got hungry. After I cleaned up and got ready to go I went and picked up a
couple of my cousins. We went to the Arby's and got some food and ate at my cousin's house. I
was coming from 3rd Ave and I went to the Holiday store. From there I went on to Riverfront. On the
road I was driving very well I was just having fun and started speeding a little. As I was still
drinking my banana swirl shake I got pulled over while taking my cousin home. I stopped at the
corner by the old Taco Johns. As soon as I got pulled over I knew what to expect. He said 'You
were going 50 in a 35.' He then asked, 'Has anyone been drinking tonight.' We replied
'No.' He then pulled me out of the car because he could smell alcohol and made me do field
sobriety tests. I had to stand one foot and count to 30 then walk in a straight line, and then I
had to follow the pen with my eyes. He then administered a breath test and I failed. I then got
put in handcuffs and searched. The cop got mad when I wouldn't tell him where the keys to the
glove compartment were but he eventually found them under the seat. I then said, 'Could someone
come and pick up my car.' He replied, 'No.' So what they did is call a tow truck to tow it
across the street to affordable towing. When I was in the back of the cop car I felt pretty
irritated because the cop was pushing me around and burnt my hands on the hood of the truck. He
also took our cigarettes and smashed them and threw them back into the car. I felt pretty bad when
they had to call my mom out of bed and have her come get me. I received a ticket and a court date.
My mother was pretty upset when I first talked to her. When I got my license her one rule for me
was to not drink and drive. I hate to say it but this was not the first I did this. I can think of
times when I woke up in the morning and could not believe I drove home the night before. I was
fortunate that I got pulled over that night and not one of the others. All I could tell my mom was
I made a mistake and that I was sorry. I could tell she knew I was sincere and that I had already
learned my lesson. I lost my license a week later and haven't had one since. At court I got a
decent plea agreement that the public defender worked out for me. I got stuck with a 4th degree DWI
and the speeding ticket. The underage drink and drive got dropped as well as the paraphernalia
charge. I received a big fine and they made it very difficult to get my license back. I am still
trying to pay off fines and I don't know when it will be done. Once the fines are paid off there
is a $695 dollar reinstatement. Before all this I had to do a chemical assessment for $125 and
attend a mother's against drunken driving meeting which cost $60. The MADD meeting that I attended
did have a big effect on me. It showed me the dangers of drunk driving. There were people there
who were either in car crashes or had family members that died in car crashes. When they told there
stories it was sad and I could feel there pain and see the potential of the situation I was in. Not
to mention the probation meetings. One of the worst parts is that once I jump through all the hoops
and get my license and a car the insurance will be through the roof. Before this experience I
thought that I could get away with it. I think that this is the attitude of many young drivers.
They don't realize that it can happen until it does. This should be a message to all young
drivers to not risk it and get a sober driver. I now miss my license more than ever, but most
importantly now know how dangerous drinking and driving is and how much trouble you can get in. I
truly believe that I will never drink and drive again.

The author's comments:
If You Booze Cruize You Lose

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