Philosophy Behind the Papacy

March 13, 2009
By Filip Deptula SILVER, Haskell, New Jersey
Filip Deptula SILVER, Haskell, New Jersey
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Religion is considered the most influential topic in the world. Though many believe that religions
serve as a sanctuary from corruption and misdemeanors, history however, contradicts. The Catholic
Church was considered one of the most corrupt churches in history. The reason why is the corruption
of men's influence of the political, social and economic scenes at the current time. What some
accepted was influencing the largest religion practiced. The Catholic Church needs to be more
selective on whom to pick as their leader who is not influenced by politics and obtains the morals a
Catholic leader needs. The reason behind the dogmatic institutions are corrupt is because man is not
perfect. It is in the nature of man to adapt to what is accepted to survive. However, this survival
adaptation contradicts with the Catholic morals. The issue of the Catholic Church's allowance of
slavery is the prime example. Another is the issue of the Pope not holding a strong side during the
Holocaust when his followers and disciples, the priests and deacons of Eastern Europe, primarily
Poland and Ukraine, were being killed for their religion and the influence of hope against Nazi
forces. The leaders behind these two decisions were heavily influenced by politics, and as
Machiavelli stated in his pamphlet, The Prince, a true prince needs to separate the morality of
religion out of the fundamentals of politics. In this case, the Catholic Church needs to separate
the fundamentals of politics out of the morality of religion. Many believe that the Papacy should
exist. The Papacy is the highest level of the Catholic Church. It is the one leader to rule the
Church on Earth while God rules the Church in heaven. Humans naturally need a living figure to lead.
However, history shows men to be hungry for power. Religion is no exception to how crazy humans get
for power. Though the Papacy is infallible through the Magisterium, there were Popes who have abused
their power. The prime example of this is the selling of indulgences by Pope Pius IV and benefiting
by making himself rich. This scandal was one of the causes of the Great Schism. The Vatican should
choose a priest from a country that would benefit an entire region of the world, and not just
someone from Western Europe. A Pope who can inspire many more, like Pope John Paul II inspired
Poland. Someone from a third world country, from South America, Africa, or the Middle East who has
nothing to loose or gain from the Papacy, and the people can follow their leaders. These people from
the third world nations represent the majority of the world. This leader needs to be one not easily
influenced by power and money, or not influenced by reputation of their home state. This leader has
to be known for his many works in the name of Christ, and finally one who represents the Papacy as
an intellectual and as a wise man who an lead a nation of people all over the world. Religion is the
most influential topic in the world. Religious nations have destroyed each other because one did not
believe in another's opinion. It can be dangerous, and that is why the Pope, as leader of the
Catholic Church, needs to be a man who represents the majority. Though there have been a few corrupt
leaders, the Cardinals of Rome have mainly chosen the model men for the Papacy and have continued
ruling the Church on Earth justly. Since humans are not perfect, one cannot expect another to lead
as a perfect individual.

The author's comments:
I am Roman Catholic, and strongly believe in all Catholic morals. I thought of writing this paper one day sitting in my religion class and thinking, "We need a leader from a poorer country, not someone well polished all the time."

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on Aug. 18 2009 at 1:23 am
elarebadaxe SILVER, Portage, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
OCCUPY MORDOR: because one ring shouldn't be allowed to rule them all.

I go to a Free Methodist church, but I agree with you that the Pope should represent the majority, and with the fact that there is no perfect individual leader besides God. I like how you wrote this, you are very persuasive!

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