March 12, 2009
By Anonymous

The sky was blue; the air was stale and gritty. I could feel it smothering my lungs, suffocating
me. In the distance I could hear screeching tires as they skidded onto the rough pavement. People
stared their eyes intense and full of hatred. Shutting my eyes tightly, trying to escape the pain
and misery. The traffic blared, sirens screamed. It was never safe out here in the wilderness.
Terrified, I made my way to an alley so dark' so gloomy' the stench of rotten eggs and
3-month-old hamburgers. More horns this close, so close it made me jump. The humidity rubbed
against my skin, with it a cool breeze it relaxed me, but only for a couple of seconds. I could see
the cars whooshing past like a rainbow of colors. Keeling next to a dumpster, my knees shaking. I
caught a glimpse of the sun; it's rays reflecting off of windows next to the nearby apartments so
bright and intense yet delicate and warm. Feeling quite shady and soothed, wanting to just lay
there without a care in the world. The exhaust emitting from passerby vehicles burned my nostrils
and scorched the inside of my throat. It was' too much to bear I had to move on. My heart
thumping wildly in my chest I could feel it bumping against my ribs. A little shaken, and stiff the
sunlight burning my eye's basking me in it's glow. It kind of reminded me of an orange or
peach. Palm trees. Green and lush wavered in the breeze bouncing on thin air. Sensing danger I
ran, not looking back, shoes clapping on the pavement. More people all traveling on groups,
Chattering like mice. They were shouting, screaming my ears rang. Ignoring their cries for agony
and despair I didn't stop, I couldn't stop.

Then, it happened while running, my lungs almost begging for mercy in my chest like a raging
wildfire. Beneath, the sunlit strip to the huge letters that lay atop the hills that read in plain
sight; HOLLYWOOD. Catching a whiff of mustard and relish it flared my nostrils. So heavenly it was.
The heat caused sweat on my palms and forehead dripping down causing a glimpse of wetness on the
dry, cracked sidewalk. It was a jungle out here, survival of the fitess. That's what I recalled
my mom saying; of course she wasn't there that moment. All the people passing by, they were
animal's vicious, raging wild animals. It all came to me as I stood my skin scorching; a wildfire
was burning inside of me. Then, I heard them the footsteps closing in on me' a predator closing
in on its prey. The skyscrapers appeared to close in on me, my insides were ripping apart, tearing
and shredding. My emotions clashed together like thunder. As I walked in long slow strides I
noticed the shadows casting off of the buildings. The sky was a bright orange with a hint of
purple. It was gorgeous. The humidity lingered in the air though this time it was cooler. I was
just getting out of the shower or so it had felt. Everything seemed to come to life right before my
eyes, laughter, music and' the lights almost as bright as the sun, which had now dissipated
beneath the hills. Spectacular, I could feel the heat from the air rushing through me but' why
wasn't I running? I had almost forgot what I was running from in the first place. Panic struck in
it pierced me in the chest. I wasn't safe not now not ever. Was the man still chasing me? Or had
he given up? My head spun it felt like the whole ground was shaking so dizzy' I passed some weird
looking building. The lights flickered all around me it was like Christmas only without snow or
decorations and it would've been a black Christmas rather than a white one. The laughter, I was
hearing.. It was not kind, cheerful laughter no. This was cruel hearted laughter. The stars
twinkled merrily in the sky, like diamonds. They complimented the sky, little bundles of joy that
you could just stick up in the sky. It made me forget all my worries, fears but only for a second'
I felt a hand on my shoulder; cold so freezing it squeezed my shoulder harder and harder until the
nails dug deeper and deeper my screams filled the heartless night. The nails.. it was like a
chainsaw cutting through me. A smile formed on the man's face, so pleasant, so evil Almost as if
it pleased him. I could barely make out his eyes but I could see a slight twinkle form on them. His
hands clutched the back of my shirt. The sweat stuck to my skin. His breath wavered over the back
of my hair. The ground appeared to get lower and lower until my feet were dangling, nothing but air.
The pain' my shirt, covered in sweat' the pressure harder and harder until it was one big ache.
It was like a rock stuck in my throat. He tugged harder my screams echoed helplessly. The man
appeared to enjoy it I heard a slight chuckle from behind me more bad breathe this time of alcohol.
People passed not even glancing up' I saw a guy with a nose ring a crew cut and tattoos carved
into his skin. Another person, this time a woman, earrings scared deeply into her ears and mouth her
blond hair glimmered under the lights from nearby buildings. None of them cared. It wouldn't stop it wouldn't go away. I just wanted to die. A black hole was
suffocating me sucking me in everything was a blur, I felt myself being thrown down onto the
pavement, I couldn't feel my legs, everything went numb. Couldn't move. A tingling sensation
filled my arms then my legs. I could see him, the man glancing over me a slight smirk on his face.
It was dark' so dark. I shivered despite the humidity and warm air. A sharp pain filled my
chest, it moved to my stomach. I cried out' begging for mercy. He was there standing in front of
me' My vision still blurred but I recognized his evil grin. Sitting next to me menacingly. The
tears came' slow and dreadful when I saw it' the knife, a pocketknife clutched in his left hand
my worst fear. Tears streamed down my face. He said the first words that I had heard all
throughout that day words that ripped me apart, tore my heart into pieces. 'Listen, kid I don't
want to hurt you more then I already have so do what I say and their won't be any trouble you got
that?' his voice so sinister, so threatening. I had no choice he had the knife he was in control.
The beer bottle in his hand the cigarette in his mouth' insane completely insane. It was on his
face the crazed look the sweaty palms. He was so close that even I could see his hands shaking like
crazy. His face twitching back and fourth. Kill, that's the word that flashed into my brain, he
wanted to kill me. I sobbed softly and quietly, tears dripping on the man's black leather jacket.
'Don't worry he muttered coldly 'this will only hurt just a little bit longer!' Everything
went red, then purple. Dots, pinpricks of white lights danced around me wildly then everything went
black' My eyes opened, slowly. Groggy and nauseated I saw it the sun, rising over the horizon.
That's when I realized I was sitting next to the dumpster the same one from before, I recognized
the smell and stench of rotten eggs. I still felt it, the aches the pains' still there like a
haunting spirit that would never go away. I couldn't cry not anymore I was all cried out. I
couldn't pretend what happened didn't happen but I couldn't hide it either I knew at that
moment I had to tell someone. I got up, threw up on my shirt then saw it the most horrifying scene
ever' my pants were gone.

The author's comments:
This was a very hurtful time in my life... I lived in L.A. at the time so there were many strange and violent people. I was five so I didn't know any better. I do not feel any remorse or regret from going through this it just happened and that's that. Today it is even more widespread and common one thing is for sure I will never go out alone again...

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