Harvest of Hope Summer of ཅ (God, Him, and Me)

July 19, 2009
By cntstpswmn BRONZE, Chester, Virginia
cntstpswmn BRONZE, Chester, Virginia
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Harvest of Hope is a teen camp that is operated through the society of St. Andrew. The main idea is to harvest or glean produce for the local food banks in the community. I did all of the things that the camp offered, and then I met Him.

You aren't supposed to meet God right away in life, it takes time to believe in Him and let Him forgive you. I had slowly begun to fade, that is how James, the intern said it. I was myself and it was easy to hide, but I was fading from the person that I had become. I know that the Lord sent me to camp for a second chance on fixing the road I wanted to take, but then I realized that He also wanted me to meet the guy that I had been looking for.

God wanted me to meet Phillip, He wanted me to see that if I just looked ahead I would see him. In more ways than one I found that he was perfect, and that I never wanted to leave him.

Life is like one HUGE newspaper, it doesn't matter what your secrets are or what you wish for at 11:11, because God can see and hear everything you do/say. So now that I am writing this article, I know why. Phillip made me see that no matter how you want to be, you will always be you to God. I excepted that and prayed to the Lord for His forgiveness, and that I wanted to just be me. By Thursday my life was on a spin for the chance to be forgiven and renewed to what it had once been.

Thursday I found out that we would be having a foot washing ceremony the next night. I knew that I would not enjoy it, because I hated my feet! Now I don't hate them, I am extremely grateful to have these feet that I am sitting on right now. I had hung out with Phillip all day and then when it was time for bed, I prayed and prayed to the Lord that Friday would go by with a pace slower than a snail, and that my last full day with Phillip would be the best. God granted both things in my prayers, because I had learned what He wanted me to learn.

Friday came, and I spent nearly every moment with Phillip, then when we came back to the dorms, I felt this urge of electricity rage through my heart, it was God telling me that something extravagant was going to happen, and He was right.

All the girls in the dorm started heading over to the Rec Center to hang out before we had to leave for the church. When we got there Phillip and all the guys were there. We all hung out for about two hours and then we started walking back, and Phillip caught up with me, and walked me back to the dorm. We talked and I knew that this is the way I wanted it to be, Phillip, me, and God.

I got into the dorm and took a shower and did my hair and make-up, put on my clothes and walked with my friends to the church. We started the night with small groups, Phillip was in my small group. Then we all headed down stairs for dinner. Following dinner we broke up into our church groups, and made covenants to change the communities that we live in. I helped come up with ideas, and at the same time, I was making my own for God. Then we all headed inside, and the foot washing ceremony began.

Our worship leader told us that it was going to be powerful and that there would not be a dry eye in the room. I thought he was joking, but it was exactly as he had said, and I broke down and cried because I had never realized what Jesus had done for the disciples. Out of no where Phillip walks up to my chair, kneels and and says, "Can I wash your feet?". I nod my head yes and we wait until there is a free chair and water basin. He sits so strong next to me, with his arm around me, I feel protected and safe and that the crying came for millions of reasons.

Every tear was for him and God, asking for the security that they had both given me. When we walked up to the chair and I sat down all I could think was, wow my feet are in bad shape I wish I was one of those girls who cared about appearances. I knew not to think that once he began talking. He said that we couldn't loss contact, and that he wanted to talk to me forever. No guy that I was friends with, or ever dated had ever said those sweet meaningful words to me, and I was sure that he meant them. When it was all over we started to walk back, and he caught up with me, we exchanged numbers, and talked for a while, curfew, wasn't until midnight. We went outside and sat around texting, talking, and laughing about how clean are feet were. I knew that not only were my feet clean, but my heart was clean, and I was forgiven.

As I thought this, the sky broke and it began to rain, God was crying, but he was not sad he was happy. We all walked into the boys lounge and played music, and sang and texted some more. I knew that I was going to dred waking up the next morning.

I woke up and texted Phillip, and then I took a shower, and walked to the church as slow as possible. God was happy that I was bright again, but he had a new path for me. We all ate breakfast, and then worship began, the worship leader made us all cry happy and sad tears once more. Phillip was my strong barrier and so was God. When worship was over we all walked out side to the world we were given, and took pictures. It was nice to think that I would be going home, but sad that I would be leaving him. I realized that I wasn't the only sad person, everyone was.

When we all said good bye I cried just the slightest bit. Wondering if I would ever see this perfect guy again. Wondering if he cared or if he was thinking the same thing as me. God knew, and I hope that one day he will let me see everything I didn't.

Harvest of Hope was more than memorable, it was a week full of love, life, and forgiveness from God. I met the perfect guy, but never told him he was perfect. I was forgiven by the Lord, and had cried more that week than ever before in my life. I hope that when I finish these last few sentences, I will send it to Phillip, and that I will never forget him, or be forgotten. The Society of St. Andrew is where I will go back to and send the love God gave me, and next time I go to Harvest I am pretty sure that I won't be alone.

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