July 19, 2009
By Ashly Scott BRONZE, Ames, Iowa
Ashly Scott BRONZE, Ames, Iowa
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"The one worth suffering for?" a famous quote, i think. does it even matter?
Suffering? suffering for your art, cutting off your ear? suffering for your love "i'd kill for you baby!"
no, "The one worth suffering for" the one that you would battel for, the one you would cross the ocean for, the one that you would love eternaly even if death took them away, the one that you would meet up in heaven, or the cosmos, and would forever feel bonded to. no matter what people believe, i think that it's true that there is ONE person on earth that is a soul mate for everyone and that "love at first sight" is the somewhat 'magical' bond that the true loves, the sould mates feel when they see eachother and realize "this is the person that was sent for me, the person that will complete the path of my heart the piece of my soul" i've been up since 1:30 writing and just now i notice i have been listening to music and it's on the near to last song, many have passed, but my numbened mind has blocked them out, because i was writing about someone i loved, maybe not a soul mate but someone that i feel so connected my heart twings every moment that i know he's with someone else.

To many who have just read the blog i was talking about in the above pharagraph would probably think of me as a creepy ex girlfriend that doesn't know what END means, i guess i don't i will admit that the word End makes me sad and that's for many reasons. End-daddy's gone, you never knew him i wanted it that way. End-your (old old old lady but) best friend died. End- Grandpa has died. End-you could have a fatal illness. But to the previous relationship, that you could call it. Was never clearly ENDED, i was never told y a sudden ding came to my phone, a text saying "do you thing were drifting apart" a text that i foolishly, and knowing what was going to happen answered, "no, y?" END no answer just a "sorry" that was all the talking for 5 months, no explanation no nothing. so maybe yes i was a bad taker of the so called 'new beginning' End never seems to have happy after it, unless it's a story book so sugar coated that the end is good, because FINALLY you can close the book, and dream that someday life will be exactally like that and that everyone will be like in the book, until reality strips your mind of the sugary sweet mind tingling stories.

Yet, life isn't what it's portrayed to be in farytails, and eventually children have to be told that, we don't fly like harry potter, but a plane is just as sweet, We can't cast spells like the faries from sleeping beauty, but magic is around us if you believe in love, wisdom, and family, and there are no fire breathing dragons other than the one's that are in fairs. Life itself can be portrayed anyway you want to see it, if you want to see it as depressing they you can minipulate it to seem exactally like everyone is in a world of black. If you want to see it as a wonderful place that has nothing wrong then you can live your life so that there is no chance of dissapointment. so life in a way canbe like a fairy tale, but not the one's that we read about in books. Life is your own book, your story is told, and it unfolds to what you create if you think life sucks then you will make your like suck, it doesn't just hate you (unless you're REALLY unlucky!) you control what will happen, yes some bad days will happen but they will get worse is you keep thinking that it will get more horrible it will, but if you get up, and shake off your boots (or as some would say get back on the horse [so weird[ ) and your forget about it no matter what anyone says, then it will seem brighter. Life is your story no one has the pen, no one is writing your life, it's all you, and you will be the one to put it all in perspective.

My story, happy, END, sad, END, Unbearable, END everytime something will end i will be sad things will happen but i will write my story, and yes a lot of thing may be troubling me, i will let things affectme, but eventually everything will get better, even i will wish that the story book would come to life and that prince charming, my prince will come, but that doesn't mean it won't happen, you just have to open the book, turn the page, and write your life, live the words that you write, live your life. Trust yourself and your story will be complete.

The author's comments:
ok, about this "piece" i was alone sad, and i decided to write about how i was feelinf at 1:30-2:30 in the morning i want a way for people to see how i express myself. i hope you will get that this is only one way that i view life and not the only way.

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