From Laguna to the Hills, and Now Reality

July 16, 2009
By Narges BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Narges BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Lauren “LC” Conrad has been in the Hollywood spotlight ever since the debut of the MTV reality show “Laguna Beach”; which followed the young star during her senior year of high school, as she handles prom, graduation, mean girls, and of course boys. The series may have been the first time we saw Conrad on the small screen but it was not the last, after LC (which has been her nickname for years) finished giving us a look at her life in Laguna, the reality show was hand over to her former archenemy, and fellow Laguna high student Kirsten Caviler, as she took on her senior year. However, Lauren head back to LB and the show after one semester at the “Academy of Art University” San Francisco, were she majored in fashion design, she then moved to Los Angeles, California to attended school at FIDM in Irvine, California.

The reality show star let the TV cameras follow her to LA, in a new MTV reality show which was called “The Hills”; like Laguna Beach we got to see all the ups and downs Lauren went throw, from bad breakups to back stabbing friends, new jobs, and really just trying to finger out who you are. After four season of “The Hills”, Miss Conrad has had enough and is about to shut the door on the open invitation that is her life, she has announced that after the series fifth (which beings airing on MTV March 30, 2009), the cameras are finally going off for good. When asked about her decision to end the show the star had this to say, “I think that the time has come to move on. This particular story and part of my life has been told. I have nothing but good memories and I wanted to keep it that way”.

The now 23 year old star, has decided to focus more on school and her popular fashion line, the “Lauren Conrad Collection”. “I want my line to speak to all age groups. I would say we target 15-35 but I think anyone can wear the Lauren Conrad Collection. I also think that fans of any age will like mark cosmetics. That is why I am the face of their brand. They send such a wonderful message to young woman, to make their mark on the world”.

However, LC does let us know that we will be seeing her around after the show is gone, “I never wanted to be an actress but I do think you will see me on TV in the future in some capacity”. But, fans of “The Hills” do not get to down we still have “The City” which follows Lauren’s old co-worker and friend Whitney Port as she takes on the fashion world in New York City. Conrad is sure that her pal is going to manage the stress of a reality show well, and doesn’t need her help at all; “Whitney doesn’t need any advice from me. She is amazing”.

Although, she knows more about what you get out of doing a reality show then how to deal with the craziness of being on one, she tells me what she has learned from her time on the shows; “Just that you need to be accountable for your actions. Watching yourself on TV allows you to look back and say “did I really say that?” It is a hard world being a star and even harder when your whole life is an open book for the world to see, Lauren has put up with the camera for a long time, and ready to see her in a new light hopeful one without drama and catfights.

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