Long Distant

July 16, 2009
By serendipity_reverie GOLD, San Marino, California
serendipity_reverie GOLD, San Marino, California
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I used to be afraid of being alone in the world. Of being without my best friend by my side, well, technically, I have been afraid of that since I met her. That meeting happened when I was young, a baby still. Her mom used to babysit me, and day after day, we grew closer, until we were unseperable. We giggled and laughed at different games we made up together, and our fights were near to none. But then, the unthinkable happened. My parents announced we were moving. Three quarters of he way across the country, to California. From that announcement, our friendship was never the same. It almost seemed as if there was a timebomb on our friendship, and no matter how hard we tried, it wouldn' stop ticking. That day unfortunatly came, quicker than I had imagined. Our last night together was unforgettable. Our other friend from North Carolina came back, and we spent a night with ice cream and picures, and most of all tears. The final goodbye came and went, after which our shirts were damp with tears. As I climbed into the car, I jumped o the back window, to see her once more before I left. There she was standing in the huge window at the front of her house, she didn't smile, or cry again, she just stood there with a blank expression on her face, and finally lifted up and hand and waved. I waved back, and the car pulled out of her driveway.
That was five years ago, six pretty soon. I have had different friends come and go out of my life, and leave a small trace of themselves on me. I have stayed late nights comforting a friend with a broken heart, I have watched as they fell for boys who fell for them, then dated for a small period of time, then broken up. I have built so many memories here with my new friends in California. From putting cakes in blenders, to wanting to go to Kenya, memories have indeed been built. But I talk to my best friend at least once a week. And we plot for me to somehow go back to her, and laugh, and talk about acting (something we both love to do.) And then we would just talk nonsense. And laugh, and it would seem like I was still back there with her, and we were just calling each other to see how school was. I still call her about that, but instead it might be a week or two of school instead of a day. Some people say best friends are those that live close to each other. Well, I beg to differ. Well that is, my best friend and I would.

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ellie315 GOLD said...
on Mar. 4 2010 at 2:13 pm
ellie315 GOLD, South Pasadena, California
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YOU ARE SUCH A GOOOD WRITER CAMMY GAAAHH!!!!! i <3 this one too! its rly heartfelt and honest and u introduce the moving really well. its like me and my best friend wooo buddybuddy but then bam - wer moving. it just read really well. good job!

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