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July 15, 2009
By NativeWriter GOLD, Santa Rosa, California
NativeWriter GOLD, Santa Rosa, California
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work its something that everyone has to do at one point in there lives but if one starts to do it at a young age they never get to feel the same as others their own age and feel like a regular person and distant from everyone else.
it may be useful but it also is a down fall for if one works consistently they lose everything love, friends, themselves and everything around them.
all it takes is a great ability to tell people no but if it is something that is one to many things you will find that all is gone and all you will have is ones self. WORK ON WHAT YOU CAN DO BUT DON'T LET WORK BE THE MAIN ASPECT IN YOUR LIFE MAKE ROOM FOR OTHERS! before it's to late.

The author's comments:
this is somthing that is the truth because it has happened to me and its not somthing i would recommend anyone do wait as long as possible to get a job or if you have one dont let it be the main aspect of your life and do not and i mean do not take more jobs then you can handle. always make room for your love ones and friends.

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