The Death of the Mayor

March 4, 2009
By Matthew Motakef BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Matthew Motakef BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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The Death of The Mayor

Panting heavily Casey knelt down to breath, but before he could get his second breath, bullets
screamed passed his left ear and he was on the run again. Casey slowly jogged after a long sprint.
He popped open the doors to his Aston Martin Vanquish and sped down the highway pushing 175 mph. He
ducked down as bullets sprayed through his back window. He sped down the highway never losing his
focused face. He approached a draw bridge just opening. He knew what he had to do. He sped up and
hit 180. He was ten yards away and within that last second he made the nine foot jump over the
bridge. He had got away from Benny's top agent. He continued driving for another ninety miles, when
he pulled into a huge building with defenses everywhere. Electric fences, guards, and guards dogs.
This was a small part of the FBI's base. He popped open the doors and jumped out. A man ran up to
him and quickly asked 'what kind of car do you want' Casey replied '1996 ford mustang' The
man said 'I will have it for you tomorrow Mr. Smith' He quickly ran away. Casey went inside and
was greeted his boss Will. He asked 'how was your chase' 'eventful' he replied. 'any
news' 'no' 'Smith, You have to hunt down this man Benny and terminate him. His murder of
mayor Aaron putts him as #1 most wanted on the FBI most wanted list. Smith, your our best agents
find him and kill him.' Casey nodded. He had another sip of his drink and left. He went up to his
suit and slept waiting for his knew car. Casey woke up early that morning. He jogged out to the
FBI's garage grabbed the keys on his table, hoped in his new car and drove down to the address
Jarred had given him. Jarred was his best tracker. He could find any one anywhere, only once had he
lost someone, but that was a different story. Casey pulled into the driveway of his apartment. Casey
found his room and knocked on his door. He stood to the side so he could attack him with surprise.
A man opened the door, as soon as Casey heard him he knew where he was. He used a side kick he had
learned in karate. The man didn't even scream. Casey pulled out a pen, aimed it at the man and
clicked it. A small dart shot out and put the bleeding man to sleep. Casey called up the FBI and
said 'I got one of Benny's assistants. He was holding a brief case with a map to Benny's hide out.
Don't send reinforcements, I'm going in alone'. Casey hung up, grabbed the mans brief case and
left him to die. Casey scanned the room again for any more evidence. He found a small 14 ounce
pistol sitting on the couch. Sterling silver was written in large letters on the side. It probably
cost two hundred dollars more than his. His belt shook as he put the gun into it. Casey hopped in
his car and drove to the address that was in the brief case. He went on for a few hours and came to
the mans house. Benny owned a mansion with tons of security. This had to be done right. Their were a
few guards speaking in French. Casey picked up a few things, like ' He has another plan after
today.' ' I know, he is going to flee to Iran to dig for oil'. Casey quickly left and went
around back and climbed on the roof, Benny had a sun roof so Casey silently opened it. He jumped
down into Benny's house and was greeted with a punch to the face. Casey reacted with a back kick.
It was another lethal kick he learned in karate. Casey jabbed him twice in the face and the man fell
to the ground, Casey quickly pulled out his gun and shot the paled faced man. Casey ran away and
loaded his gun. He had one bullet left. He ran down a stair case and saw Benny watching a replay of
his murder on the news. Casey pulled out his gun, put his hand on the trigger and shot Benny in the
back of the head. Benny fell down on the table in front of him. Right before he died he used all his
energy to lift his hand and push a button on his belt. Then his head dropped in death. Casey sneaked
out the room and was greeted by four men with knives. One of them had a red eye. He was very fit
appeared to be very quick. Casey was out of ammo so he pulled out his pen and clicked one of the men
to sleep. He dropped the pen and and used every trick he knew. Unfortunately they knew his tricks
too. After two kicks to his face and a few punches in different places he had dropped another man.
He jumped up to a bar and did a pull up. Another man grabbed on to him which forced him to pull
double the weight. He got back down and kicked the man with the red eye onto the other man. He
pulled himself to safety and waited for a few minuets. He got back down and grabbed the sleeping
man. He put him over his shoulders and ran out. He put the man in the trunk of his car and left him.
Casey ran back to the mansion and placed a small marble on the house. He was given simple orders. He
had to kill the other people in the mansion. He ran away and pushed a button in his car. He drove
away and waited. After twenty minuets everyone in the house should have been dead. The marble he
set off a toxic gas that was supposed to kill all of them. He drove away and arrived at his base. He
walked up to Will and handed the sleeping man to him. Casey walked away without a single word. He
didn't t want to here the man get tortured. It was to much for him in one day. He had a drink in his
sweet and slept. He was awoken to the sound of a siren. The FBI was on the move again, and so was
he, but that is a different story.

The author's comments:
It is pretty violent but can really grab your attention if you get into it.

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