I'm an Aunt

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

My niece was born on December 30th, 2008 at 12:29am . My niece is the
most beautiful baby niece I have ever seen, and she changed my life forever. It all started on
December 29th. My best friend Bailey was over at my house and we were taking pictures on my new
digital camera for our best friends scrapbook. My dad told me that we were on baby alert because my
23 year old sister, Kristen, contractions were seven minutes apart. So we decided to take Bailey
home just in case, but then a half an hour later my sister called my dad and told him that she and
her fiance were on there way to the hospital. That's when everything changed. I grabbed a bag
of mine and packed a book, my digital camera, and some slippers for my sister, with a little money
in case I got hungry. After my dad and I picked up my mom from work , we immediately went over to
the hospital. I could feel the excitement rise inside me. I was becoming an aunt. This was it.
My toes were wiggling inside my shoes with excitement. We went to the main entrance of Borgess
Hospital and we were told that she was on the sixth floor in room 680. I could hear my sister
scream at the top of my lungs from all the pain the contractions were causing. ' I can't do this,
it hurts to bad!' my sister said repeatably. There was this drug called Epidermal, where they
inject a needle into your lower spine to numb the waist down. My sister asked for it immediately
even though it was really big. My sister was really sweaty, and she was crying. She was turned
over on her side with her eyes squeezed shut trying to imagine the pain wasn't really there. After
the shot my sister couldn't feel any pain even though the contractions were intense. There was a
monitor next to her bed that kept track of the baby's heartbeat and rate. The monitor also showed
the contractions and how intense they were, and trust me they looked very intense. It was five
o'clock and still nothing changed. Nurses kept coming in and out of the room frantic. Down the
hallway there was babies crying and mothers screaming. This floor was the most magical floor in the
whole hospital. My stomach made all different kinds of noises warning me it was hungry, I went down
to the cafeteria and got some cheese- its and a fruit smoothie. It was now eleven o'clock and my
sister was dilated at 9 and ' centimeters. The nurse was going to wait a big longer and then my
sister would be ready to push. It is now eleven forty-five, and I am waiting out in the hallway with
my mom listening, and waiting for the blessing to be brought into this world. At 12:29 am, my baby
niece was born. I was overwhelmed, I had tears gently strolling down my face. Her cry was the most
precious sound I have ever heard. Her cry is as beautiful as heavens angel chorus. Her eyes are so
big and blue, her eyes are two sparkling sapphires. Her cheeks are the softness of a feather, her
nose is round and cute as a button, and her toes looking like little pink stubs. My mom saw the baby
girl and she was bawling her eyes out, she was a grandma and very excited what the future has in
store for her. My sister looking exhausted and soar. As she held My niece, I grabbed my camera
to take long lasting memories. After all a picture is worth a thousand words. She looked so unique
and beautiful, her eyes were gorgeous and her feet are my favorite part. I always tickle the bottom
of her feet and she just loves it. Her smile makes me fell wonderful especially when she smiles at
me. Her face is so smooth and soft, her head is so fuzzy just like a splotch of peach fuzz, and
when she sleeps she is the cutest. The first time I held her I was scared that I would hurt her
because her head was so squishy and soft. Her head was not that well developed either. I didn't want
to damage her head but I couldn't imagine anything better than holding her. I would talked to her
and tell her secrets and she would give me the give-me-a-break face. You could tell that she was
always thinking something. She would glance around the room a bunch of times and stare at nothing.
Whenever she would do that goo-goo ga-ga thing, I think she would be saying stuff like 'What is
this weird place?' or ' Could you stop talking to me, I'm trying to sleep!' After three long
days at the hospital, my sister and her husband came home with their new baby girl. My mom and I
went over to my sister's house to help out with the baby. Her room theme is pink and brown polka
dots and she has tons of blankets with cute stuff animals. She has a brown changing table with a
white dresser, and framed cute pictures hanging on the walls. Her room is the ideal room for a baby
girl. She is the most precious thing I have ever seen. I will always be here for her and she is
now a huge role in my life. I love you Gracie.

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