Aphrodite's Mailbox

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear Aphrodite: I desperately need your help. I am in love with a woman. She has truly captured my heart, but doesn't know it. Should i confess my love to her, or keep it to myself?-In Love

Dear In Love: If you love this woman, as you say you do, then you must tell her so. Love is not easy, and you of course face a chance of rejection. However, you also have a chance of being loved back. Believe me, love is worth it all in the end.

Dear Aphrodite: I recently had an argument with one of my best friends. We havn't spoken since. I realize our conflict is not worth our friendship, but i am afraid i am to proud to say so. What should I do?-A Friend

DearA Friend: Let your pride go. You are right, your friendship is not worth such a petty conflict. Don't be afriad, or too proud. Fear and pride get you nothing in life.

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