Nana: A Little Life Story

February 15, 2009
By Madeline Osbrink BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Madeline Osbrink BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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One a recent visit to California, Nana, my grandmother, wanted to share with me the history of her family. The story starts out in the late 1800?s with my great-grandmother, Pastora S..., who grew up on a ranch in the Aravaipa Canyon outside of Tucson, Arizona. It was a place where she learned the value of hard work. When an opportunity arose for work on the railroad, the family moved to California. It was here that the family began to set down roots with "city" living. The family?s happiness was short lived as Rufina the oldest and only daughter died suddenly. It would be a few years later that Pastora at the age of forty would find herself with a child again. It was in the year 1930 that my Nana would be born into a family still mourning the loss of their beloved daughter. The news of Pastora?s pregnancy was received with mixed blessings, as it was embarrassing to find one pregnant at her age when she should be enjoying grandchildren. Pastora entered into what is known as "confinement". She would not leave the house until after the baby was born. It is hard to imagine that people felt that way at one time. It was into this environment that my Nana was born. She would grow up to be loved and cared for by so many Aunties. Her birth would help ease the pain of losing Rufina and bring joy back into the family, a new beginning. Rosita P... became the "little rose" to everyone she met. It was her father's favorite name. That name was passed down to my mom who passed on to me; we are both "little rose," and I'm proud to know the history behind it.

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