In Memory of Charlie Baneck

February 14, 2009
By Little_Singer SILVER, Wild Rose, Wisconsin
Little_Singer SILVER, Wild Rose, Wisconsin
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In memory of Charlie B... I am writing this, writing words he will never read. December brought tidings of evil as his house burned to the ground.? He was honorable to the last moment of his life. He saved his sister from the raging flames. she now is the sole survivor of the fire, Katey B... lost everything that night, her mother, her father, her favorite brother, out of all her siblings, Charlie was her favorite. She came to the 4-H meeting last Sunday her hands were burned, and she had recuperated some. Charlie B... did not deserve to die so young. He was so pleasant in everything he did, he put up with my little bro calling him "The Soda Can Guy"! The point I'm trying to make is if this makes it into the magazine Promise me you will put Katey B... in your prayers at night as you fall asleep, and count your blessings, for you with your family have many bountiful blessings. I never realized how lucky I was to have a family and be alive in this world.But one belief I have is that when someone dies and they are underage the world blows out one small candle and then our cold, cold world becomes darker and colder than ever before!?

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Charlie Baneck's death came to my school during the beginning of the day and there were enough tears to drown the whole school!:(

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on Apr. 18 2010 at 12:07 am
that is a really sad thing and i'm glad you put that down! now i'll pray for Katie every night!!!!

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