Malevolent Mark

February 13, 2009
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Malevolent Mark

I typed in "sumo bots" and "science olympiad" in the Google search bar, researching for my event. Since I was on the school Science Olympiad team, I was trying to collect information for my event, Sumo Bots. Mark was my partner, and we didn't have much time, so I needed to get some valuable facts so we could get to work.

Literally, I sat there for about two to three hours, scanning for useful information that I could use and storing it in my brain.

"Hmm megahertz, frequencies?" I muttered to myself as I entered the whole new world of technology.
The next day, I arrived at the Science Olympiad meeting a little late. I walked in only to find Martin sitting in my seat. "Why is he here?" I asked Mark.
"Oh, uh, yeah, about that" Mark trailed off.
"What" I said impatiently. 'What now?' I thought. Ugh, there are so many complications. Can't we just get to work now?
"Well, um, I kind of replaced you." He said, looking down at the floor. "Martin's my partner now."

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