A Call For Help: The American Teen

February 12, 2009
By angelique todd SILVER, Norfolk, Virginia
angelique todd SILVER, Norfolk, Virginia
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Today in America young boys and girls are engaging in sexual activity, unaware of every consequence there is in the world to punish their ignorance. This generation lacks the knowledge about sex and they figure its ok, but in reality it is not. At the end it doesn't not hurt anyone but themselves. In every place of the United States, there is a child as young as 12 having sex. Knowing that information, it tear my insides up because that little girl or boy can be one of my little siblings at home. There is an eleven year old girl in Philadelphia who is pregnant?..AT ELEVEN!! Young girls and boys shouldn't be having sex, they are not finished maturing and they have a long way to go. Pregnancies isn't the only thing out there is something they do not understand. All over the world AIDS is killing many people. I hate to see young people go out that way.
As I watch ?The Maury Show? I notice young girls disrespecting their mothers and having sex with ten or more boys (that's more than an average twenty-one year old) and some have a lot of courage because they are having sex with grown men. What makes them think grown men whom pay them for sex care anything about them? If the girl end up pregnant or get a STD the man will deny their baby and call them all out of their name. It's sad but it happens too many times. As she grows up, that little twelve year old will have low self esteem, and she will keep having sex to 'find love'. Every time she fails she will repeat that same process over and over. Little does she know her performance only attract guys who just want what some people call 'a booty call', and it should be that way.
As an older sister, I want what's best fro my siblings, and right now sex is not one of them. Children should hold on to their innocence. If you don't respect your body how can you expect someone else to? It's not worth all the regrets you will put yourself through later on in life. Let's prevent teenage pregnancies and teenagers being positive for STD'S. Save one another and teach this lesson.

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