February 7, 2009
By Anonymous

The metal flashed in the light as she screamed. All that was running though her mind was this is the
end! He threw her like a doll, a girl of 12, against a wall her body hitting like a sack of bricks.
Her face was wet. She couldn't control her emotions. He raised his hands. She was scared. The cold
metal against her neck was pressed deeper as he screamed into her face. Gibes, that's all they
were but to her they were so much more. Each word cut deeper and deeper into her mind. She started
to believe him. She can still smell his breath, alcohol. She knew that smell all too well, but this
time it was going too far. She stood there trembling, 'Why the **** are you crying?' He spat in
her face the knife starting to leave a mark. 'Shut up! Stop your crying. I'm gonna cut your
throat, Shut up!' but no matter how hard she tried the tears didn't stop. She was shaking, her
body was giving out. The knife still pressed to her neck, he cursed at her. Her body numb she
stopped caring. Life did not seem to matter; it wasn't worth it. Twelve years old and she was
broken. Twelve years old and she had already seen so much she was afraid of all men. She screamed at
him 'You want me dead fine! Kill me, it isn't worth trying to fight you anymore. Is this what
you mean every time you say I love you? Fine, get it over with!' She couldn't breathe he was too
strong. Dizzy and on the verge of vomiting she looked into his eyes; hazel. It was then she stopped
crying. He wasn't worth it, in a whisper with all the air she had left in her lungs, she managed
'I hate you. I always have!' He let her go. She ran. She ran out the door and down the street.
Then when she reached the highway she turned around and went home'No one ever questioned the mark
on her neck, she never brought it up again. It was over. And sometimes in the night even now at age
16 she wakes up crying.

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