February 3, 2009
By Anonymous

My dad wanted an economic car to go to work, small and simple. He said my sister could drive the
car because she had her permit already (I thought it wasn't fair) my dad got home the next day
with a purple car what we now call Barney! My sister was happy to see it right away she got on the
car and headed to her friends house I got really mad but it I didn't matter because I didn't
have my permit so all I could do is wait. Even though I knew how to drive better than my sister and
my dad knows that he still didn't let me use it!!! I told my dad I wanted to drive he said
'Jessica your too young to drive plus you don't have your permit' I thought to my self maybe
when my sister leaves to Mexico for vacation my dad will let me borrow the car without her here.
Two weeks passed and my sister left to Mexico, so one day I told my dad if I could borrow the car
to go pick up a shirt at my friends Jessica's house, he look as if he wasn't sure if he should
let me borrow the car but he said ok just be careful and don't take so long 'ok' I said. I
grab the keys, I was a little nervous to get the car but I was just going to take the small streets
to her house and I got there safely she came out she hoped in and I drove away, she told me I needed
I little more practice all I needed was to drive more so I call my dad and told him I was going to
drive around in the back streets he said it was ok. My friend jess wanted to drive so I pull over
by this one church (saint. pio) I go there every Sunday. Right when I stopped the car and was
letting my friend drive my phone started ringing and it was my dad 'hello' 'where you at?'
'I'm driving around' I said 'get your butt back home now!!!' wtf dad I'm going!!!!! I
got super mad because he yelled at me for no reason he had let me borrow the car so now why was he
tripping about. I don't know what I did I just pull the gear on reverse and in accident I step on
the gas a little bit too much BOOM!!!!!!! I hit I light pole that belong to the church I got sooo
scared I look at my friend and the first thing I did was change the gear to drive and step on the
gas and left the parking lot I didn't even stop at the stop sighs. That's how scared I was. My
friend and I were just quiet, I drop her off and left home, I got home and just park the car and
went in. I told my dad I was home and he said ok. The next day I went outside to check in the car
to see if it was ok. Barney was ok I didn't see any scratch on it just the ones it already had.
The only thing on my mine was that I felt guilty for doing that to a church.

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