The Day I Lost My Dog

February 3, 2009
By Anonymous

The day I lost my dog, I will never forget that day! It was when I was little, and my dad made a
mistake. A horrible mistake! It all started in my house. We was cleaning the house I was in charge
of cleaning my room, when I was done I started chilling. I was playing Halo 2 on my Xbox, and my dog
'Daisy' wanted to go outside, my dad went outside, so did my dog, then my dad opened the back
gate, my dad turned his back to do something and my dog went out the gate. We thought the dog went
inside, we looked under the bed's, we looked everywhere in the house, we kept looking and that's
when we notice she was lost. When my mom got home from work she was mad at my dad because he lost
the dog. The next day we went out searching for her, we looked at West Middle School park, we drove
around the block but she was not at both places. We went to the pound, we saw amazing dogs but
Daisy wasn't there so we gave up. When we was in the car I said 'probably she fell down a
sewer'. About like 2 month's later my dad bought a new dog name Daisy. Let me describe her:
she was white with a little bit of brown fur, big ears, I think she has a problem with her throat
because when she sleeps she snorts like a pig.

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