Love along road

January 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Love, a powerful word. Loves like a long road that you drive on. You take stops here, you take stops there. One minute your down to the floor and then the next minute your up in air. People wonder and even I wonder, what type of roads does love take you on?

These roads are like off road trips. You know like the roads your on when your four wheeling. There's bumps, hills and straight a ways.
Like a mystery box you never know what you'll get. Like me, I've been with
my girl friend for a while and I love her too much to breakup with her. We
fly up and down but that's love. That's why I said loves a long road.

The affection you have for that person could make you sacrifice, take
risk, and even do things that you wouldn't normally do. Now I'm no expert
but love can keep you together. My mom and dad they have been married
for ages now. My dad cheated on my mom but they didn't divorce. They
loved each other to much to do that.Their road still forms like teenage body.

Don't play love for a fool because messing with her could break you heart
or you could fall in for her. Love will flirt with you, kiss you and can even marry you. Happily, you say I'm in love with you but do you know what your
getting in to?

Like never ending story these roads never end. You better have a long lasting hard working car. If you don't the car can shut down. Once the car does that you would look at the road differently.
Us teens are traveling being virgins at this road. The grown ups are veterans but like a kid they have things to learn.

From puppy love to marriage were all in this road from the time we meet a
girl or boy. On the road you can start out bad and turn out good or start
good and go bad. To survive you need a person who will show affection
towards you.

The road paves out based on personality and pass. The pass makes
you aware of what can happen on the road. Now that triggers the personality part and that's how the love keeps going. My pavement.
I rather not say and I have a long way to go before I can.

Nobody can predict their love or the person they want. It just comes like an opportunity in your life. You have to take love and roll with it. You have the keys so slip them in the car and take off. You drive at your own pace and it can be fast or slow.

Listen love takes time like a clock. Just wait until love hits you. Loves
along road no matter how you look at it. Break ups, cheatings, hookups,
and likings will show you. Now before you get on this road ask you're self
am I really ready for this road?

The author's comments:
The love looks and feels inspired me to write this article.

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