Joe Alexander

January 20, 2009
By Danny DeVaul BRONZE, Mannington, West Virginia
Danny DeVaul BRONZE, Mannington, West Virginia
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The first time i met Joe Alexander i never dreamt of him going eigth in the nba draft. It was a rainy
day and i was hanging out with my older brother Bobby in Morgantown. He asked me if I wanted to go
meet Joe and I didnt believe him at all that he was friends with him. So we went to the Colliseum to
meet him there. Joe took me to the lockerroom and we talked for about two hours. He told me
everything he was going to do with his life and to be honest i didnt believe him. He said hed play
pro and be the best player ever. I asked him if he really thought he would be great he said "whats
the point in playing basketball if you dont think you'll be better than Michael Jordan. He convinced
me when he said that but i thought man this guy is going to be great he probably won't ever talk to
me again. About a month later Bobby asked him if he would come talk to my team in Hundred WV. Of
course he said yes and he came up and ran a practice for my team. After my practice we asked Joe to dunk
one and he dunked so hard that he bent the rem. Now i knew he would keep a friendship with Bob but i
still didnt know that he would go pro. The summer before his junior season he coached me in summer
league games. After i spent all that time with Joe i knew he was determined to make it pro and
nothing could stop him. His junior season started and he played awesome and scored thirty points or
more and four or five of his games. After he did that everybody was hyped up on Joe so i thoguht man
he may not remember us anymore. I soon learned he wasnt like that because he talked with me after
every game i watched him play. Now when the draft came around Joe went eight overall and he not only
proved me wrong he proved everyone that never believed in him. Joe still talks with us Bobby just
visited him and gave me a jersey signed by him. Joe promised me he would get drafted and he did so i
know he will be an allstar in the nba.

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