I can't write a poem.

January 16, 2009
I was sitting in English the other morning trying to think up of a poem to write. It was free-verse, but it had to be have a tense moment in it.
I'm not good at writing poems, and honestly, I don't think I'm ever gonna have to write a poem when I'm out of college pursuing my career.
A while ago, I had to write an essay comparing the movie Romeo Juliet to the play Romeo and Juliet. I got a 70% on it (a C in my school) because I write too informally. It didn't matter that I had the right facts in, it just mattered that I write the way I speak. "Pretend you're writing in a dictionary."
I'm gonna fail because I can't write a poem, and some girl over there just asked you how to spell buzzer.
Nice teaching.
I think we should be graded on the things that matter.
Comparing Romeo and Juliet (the two stupid teenagers that killed themselves because they were rebelious idiots) and writing corny crap?
We're in honors English.
I think you should be able to spell buzzer.

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