Snap Shot Memory

January 15, 2009
By Dillon Pulse, Columbus, MT

Snap Shot Memory

Ok so we (the sophmore class of the Columbus high) seriously suck at making floats, I mean we
couldn't place first in the home coming parade even if we wanted to. In fact we cant even place at
all we are always getting disqualified for something or other. Are Float was so bad that the best
part about it was the truck that was pulling it: a Cadillac Escalade. But that doesn't mean that the
day has to totally suck right? So it is after the parade and we have to take apart our "carefully
constructed piece of art work", and take the trailer back to Tim's. Then After that we have to drop
the Escalade off at the park for Chelsea's dad to be able to get home after he is done coaching. And
Roxy Chelsea's mom being as awesome as she is gives me the keys to the Escalade not Chelsea, saying
some thing about guys having better depth perception. At least that's what I think she said, cause I
was already in the drivers spot adjusting the seat, and messing with all the buttons and changing
the radio. I was followed shortly by a now bitter Chelsea, grumpy cause she didn't get to drive. HA.
But that's not it by far. So I hop in followed by: Chelsea, who was followed by: Shyla, who was
followed by Lindsay Mulliken, Who was followed by: Melisa, Who was then followed by Ryan Gross. All
of whom I had to drop off at various places through out the whole continental U.S. The whole time
in my head I was thinking: This is going to be one hell of a fun ride. I am going to make every
single one of these girls scream, including Ryan. And just as I was thinking that Chelsea leans over
and says.

"You better hurry up we have to have the Escalade back to my dad in 15 mins."

In side I was smilling, now I had a good reason to go fast and freak every one out. Chelsea must
have seen the smile on my face and known what I was thinking cause she quickly puts on her seat belt
and says to me.

"please don't kill us. Or hurt the truck. My folks will kill me."

And with that we were off driving nice and slow right up until we were out of sight and ear shot,
and that's when I hit it. Right then it got wild. I had Chelsea ridding shot gun yelling over the

" Go faster, go faster we need to have this truck back to my dad in 13 minutes lets go!"

Only to say the next second:

" Slow down, slow down, can't you see the stop sign!?!?"

Along with me saying back.

"YES MOM! I can see the stop sign!"

As I come up to our first right turn I think to myself: Now is the perfect time to get a good scream
out of every one. I crank the wheel to the right and floor it, whiping our rear end around and I
swear making, making the trailer that I was pulling skip like an inertube. And to my great delight I
hear laughter mixed with screaming and all in unison the words:


It was great there yelling at me im yelling at them it was the funniest day of my life. There
grabing on to any thing and every thing that they can, and I'm laughing my ass off. It was then that
I started to do my mom impersonation: Bracing my self against every thing yelling things like:

"Dillon slow down!" or:


Now every one was laughing and seemed to forget about there promises to kill me. As we pull up to
Tim's house I slow down and drive like I'm a eighty year old grandma. We pull up and I back the
trailer into the little ally that their house is next to. It was then that the most amazing thing
happened: When I put the Escalade into park it unlocked, all by its self. I know it's amazing. I
started poking the radio telling it to talk to me and whip me up a mocha cappuccino with a Carmel
swirl and to make it snappy. It was awesome. We unhook, drop off Lindsey, and shy, and then were off
again. Next it's to Mel's place. Now it was getting really fun. We are hauling now Chelsea is
yelling at me the whole way and Mel is holding on for dear life. It was then that I look in the rear
view mirror and see Ryan, and I ask.

"So where am I dropping your Hawaiian butt off at?"

Only to have him reply:

"Oh I got bored so I'm just sort of along for the ride. This scary, unnaturally funny ride."

Shrugging my shoulders I took a sharp turn and watched him fly across the back seat. (because being
the responsible teenagers that we are we all had our seat belts on.) Next we are on our way to
Chelsea's house so that she can pick up her car. So they are leading me all over the North America.
This is when I learned that teenage girls SUCK at giving directions to a destinalion. I mean they
will be like:

"ok I will tell you when and were to turn. Ok?"

And im just crusin right along just having a good ol' time when all of a sudden I will see this are
come right in front of my face, almost killing me, and I hear a yell/ scream of :


Causing me to crank the wheel all the way around, flip our rear end around and make the turn. While
having three little girls screaming (Ryan too.)


And after the turn I get a face full.

"We ALMOST flipped. We ALMOST died" yells Chelsea

Then me being the smart one has to say;

"Don't forget you ALMOST crapped your pants."

"I am ALMOST about to kick your butt!" says Mel

And being me I have to say:

"ALMOST but not quiet."

Getting a smack up side the head via Chels.

You would think that they would tell me ahead of time the next time right? Wrong! No it happens
again. You would think that they would learn the first time, nope not them. And so for the second
time I get the arm across my face and the high piched scream in my ear:


Cranking the wheel hard to the left again and once again thanks to my superior driving skills: Make
the turn.

"We ALMOST died again." Yells Chels, and Mel in unison.

"WELL if you didn't tell me half way past the turn then maybe I could make a nice, smooth, semi
leagel turn!!" I yell back.

"Shut up Dillon!"

"Don't you tell me to shut up Chels!" I say

"Don't you tell me what to do Dillon!" she yells back


That got us laughing again.

I think that they got the point and learned up, because for the next turn I was told at least 40
yards in advance but this time the turn was on gravle so it was extra fun. I got there made a nice,
smooth turn, and then floored it again, causing the tires to spit up rocks, the engine to roar
because of the excess of RPMs, and me to hear more screaming.

"DILLON this is an old folks home you are going to cause them a heart attack, DILLON SLOW DOWN."

All I did was ignore them and grin. We got to Chelseas house and dropped her off at hear car and
raced to the park. Chelsea in front because I had to turn the big beast of an Escalade around. Me
and Ryan having a blast, with the music up and the windows down and speeding through town, we were
having a ball. When we got there I was still having fun and going maybe a little to fast. I look
over at Chelseas car and see her half way out the window mouthing the words SLOW DOWN. I parked
beside her rolled up the windows turned the music down and turning off the Escalade. I leaned back
in the seat, wipe the tears from my face from laughing so hard and sigh. That has got to be one of
the funniest times of my life I think to myself. That Memory is a keeper I say and store it away
with my favorites. I got out of the car and hand over the keys (very reluctantly) and think to my
self I still have to go to work. That is my favorite snap shot memories. (still to this day Catlin
Camble swears that I had it up on two wheels going around a corner. But every one knows that I am a
safe driver. Right?)

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