Red Alert

January 15, 2009
By Elliott Smithson, Shelbyville, IL

As mom takes me to school on a nice day; I see all the trees blooming with new buds that will
turn into berries and nuts. I hear an announcer on the radio blaring about Soulja Boy and that the
president's term is almost over. I have a feeling this day is going to rock. I try getting a
side door but its locked they have a new security system so ill have to go around. After the bell
rings I sit on a hard plastic chair I then realize this day is really going to rock. . "There's
going to be a red alert today so don't be alarmed and please kids take this seriously," Mrs.
Boester says as she walks. Then and there it hit me that I can make this be the best day with all
the mischief I can cause while everyone is hiding. While I'm day dreaming about what could go down
with this is in process the lunch bell rings and its time to eat I see that its beans for lunch this
will work out just right. I stock up on beans eating all of them then ill have some fun.

"Hey Spence are you going to eat your beans," I ask. "Nope," he answers.
"Then can I have them," I said. "Yeah," he said. So I eat his and so many others. I have a
stomach ach from all that fiber. I will have to hold it in till the red alert comes then ill have
some fun. We're all sitting at our desks when Mrs. Eberspanker comes over the intercom "Red
alert red alert," she yells. We all run to the back of the room everyone crawls under the table.
Eew. What's that smell? All you could smell was the sickly stench of cut cheese. The person
right behind my face looked like the worlds ugliest dog. Mrs. Boester knows what happened and is out
to find the perpetrator and she has a pretty good idea who it is. "Elliott," she yells.
"Yes?" I reply "Hall now," she orders. "What did I do?" I retaliate. "You know and
that deserves a detention," she ordered. "Okay," I sigh. Looking back I regret nothing that
went on that day. If i had a chance i swear i would do it again.

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