Would You Like Fries With That?

July 3, 2009
By rawrRR BRONZE, Kirksville, Missouri
rawrRR BRONZE, Kirksville, Missouri
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Would you like fries with that? How ever un-original all my friends still tease me with that line when I tell them that I work at a burger joint (lets just say it rhymes with RickRonalds). So I work at a fast food restaurant the hours aren’t bad and the pay is good for 16 year old like me who has never had a job before.

My job at “RickRonalds” is to smile take orders and give people their food. But after working there only a month I find that I’m starting to have mixed feelings about selling people this food. How many of you saw super-size me? That’s what I am seeing almost every day! I see people who are literally killing themselves day after day by inhaling the fat, grease, salt, and did I mention the fat and grease? Should I say something to them, is it my responsibility or should I even care? It’s their life, but by me selling them this food am I destroying them?

Perhaps that is a more then a tad over dramatic. I’m not saying there aren’t great thing about fast-food, like the cheap cost, the jobs it provides, the convenience but at what price to ourselves?

The author's comments:
This is what goes through my mind as I give you a fake smile, and wish you to have a great day.

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