Man's Best Friend

June 15, 2009
By Angela Gray BRONZE, Bothell, Washington
Angela Gray BRONZE, Bothell, Washington
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A dog is man’s best friend. However dogs do more than providing a friend. They teach you to be responsible, they give you exercise and they are your friends.

Having a dog can teach you responsibility. For example, a dog needs to be fed and taken to the vets in order to live. You will learn how to be responsible for the health of another living creature. In addition, dogs can chew things and ruin anything left in a reachable area. Shoes can be chewed and books can be slobbered on and destroyed. Man’s best friend can teach responsibility.

With dogs come exercise for the dog and the owner. Owners can throw a ball around and do minimal exercise but can also swim with their dog, run with their dog and intensely play with their dogs. Another form of exercise that dogs cause are walks. Dogs need exercise everyday and even walking will be good exercise for both people and animals. When dogs are exercised, their owners get exercise as well.

Dogs don’t judge people and therefore they make great friends. As long as you give dogs love, food, and exercise, they will love you back. If all your friends are busy but you want to do something fun, you can take your dog on a walk or to a dog park and have fun there. Dogs are normally around and don’t have schedules so they will always be available to do something with, unlike people who have a busy schedule and can’t hang out when you want to. Dogs are great friends to whoever will be their friend.

A dog is a wonderful friend, they can teach you to be responsible, and they give you exercise. There are so many different types of dogs, that everyone in the world would be able to find one that suits them. There are many dogs that could use your help and in return the dog would pay you back with responsibility, exercise, and love.

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