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June 3, 2009
By jasmine florez BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
jasmine florez BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Dogs are really great animals to have, they keep you company when you are bored and other than that they are great family pets. There are many dogs to choose from when you are looking for one. You will find them either in pet shops or dog shelters. The three categories are herding, toy dogs and the bigger dogs such as labs or golden retriever. I believe that you should choose the right dog for you people say in magazine the quote, “It shouldn’t be about the looks it’s about the personality”. Meaning that you shouldn’t just choose a dog based on its looks or what other people think, therefore it should be the personality inside of them and how they act.

The most important thing you got to do when you get a dog is being responsible. You should always care for your dog all the time. Yeah sometimes your dog has accident like he tinkled on the rug or chewed up the furniture or even got into something that he/she wasn’t supposed to but hey its you responsibility right? . Some dogs so have negative but there all not perfect, there are many things that a owner has to do when taking responsibility for a dog and some of those things are cleaning after them picking up after them. Another example is have to buy them dog food and accessories such as clothes, collars ,or even grooming them which will cost some money.

Dogs need many things in there life. They need people to play with and food and water most importantly. Owners also buy there dogs lots of stuff that maybe a dog needs or maybe don’t need at all. Some of those examples are getting there nails sharpened (which is really good for them) therefore taking them to go get there daily grooming done. I think that when you own a dog you have to spend money on then because what if you dog got hurt? Or something had happened to them?” well this is where the medical bills come in and you have to spend money on them and that sometimes cost a lot. Some people tend to spend thousands of dollars on there animals depending on how hurt they are. Another example like this is that what if you wanted to get your dog fixed or neutered? Well that is going to cost a lot of money but that is where responsibility comes in.
As I said before when choosing a dog you should always choose a dog because you want it. You shouldn’t just choose it because somebody else wanted it or you want it for a certain good. In the last couple of years you probably have heard that many people have been using dogs for, “Fighting”. I think that is really wrong because the people bet on the dogs for money or other things. I found out that 1 out of the 5 stay alive when they have dog fights. Every dog wants a happy living life and somebody to play with.

All dogs are really great animals to have. They keep you company when you are bored, therefore there maybe be some negatives about a dog but be responsible and be an owner. Dogs will always be great family pets. You should always treat your dog with respect and care for it! These are things that you have to do when you become a pet owner.

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well i think that this piece is a really helpful piece when you become a dog owner.

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