LIfe Can Be Confusing...

July 2, 2009
By audie_potty_1993 SILVER, Bethel, Ohio
audie_potty_1993 SILVER, Bethel, Ohio
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"i am the author of my life, but unfortunately I'm writing in pen so i can't erase my mistakes"

Sometimes I wonder... How do you live a great and happy life, when you know at the end, you're going to hurt someone so special, and so dear to you, that you would never want to hurt, physically or emotionally, but you know that someday you will have to? Death in the right mind has always been pictured as a time to let free of worries, and be free from your past and any scary, painful future... But if it is supposed to be a happy time for someone to die, why does it always hurt some one? When we grow up we get friends and family, and we lose some, but that's normal, and then the ones who stay are always most true to you, but when we make the pledge that sometimes we don't know were doing, we promise to never hurt them in any way. When we die, are we braking that promise/pledge, or does it just fade away from that one person? I mean, life is supposed to be happy, sad, fun and crazy... Sometimes painful, but that's what we believe... we also believe that we make our own lives happen, the way that we want... right? I mean that's what the teachers and philosophers tell us , that our life is what we make of it... If that's true, why do we make it painful, or hurtful to others, why don't we make it less confusing, or control it more? Are we lying to ourselves? why do we get involved in crime, and get ourselves killed in the most painful ways... those who do things to make them any different than who they are supposed to be... Do that to themselves, and it gets even more confusing. I mean why would anyone want to die a long and pain filled death? Why would they change who they were making themselves... Why is life and death seem to be the easiest decision to make... Am I right or am I wrong? Am I making this more than what it is? Or am I on the right path... Were the gods lying to us or trying to get us to understand? Why do we make more effort to figure out the past (which most of us have never seen or lived), than we do to figure out the future.. In which our loved ones and our generations to come will have to live through? I don't know but if I was to stand a balcony with a microphone, with a large crowd gathered beneath me, I am sure a rather large group of them would truly listen to what I have to say... If not all of them... don't you?

The author's comments:
i believe every word of this and i hope that people will listen to what i have to say because there are so many people that wonder about these things... i want them to know that they are NOT alone

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